Meet Jay

Jay Hulings is a former federal prosecutor in Del Rio and San Antonio, Texas, who specialized in public corruption, national security, and organized crime prosecutions.  Jay was the lead prosecutor pursuing bribery and corruption charges against the City Attorney, Mayor, and multiple City Councilmen from Crystal City, Texas.  All pled guilty or were convicted after a jury trial.

Jay has also led multiple counter-terrorism and counter-espionage investigations, including the prosecution of a Taiwan-based technology smuggling ring for selling US military technology to Iran.  In Del Rio, Jay led multiple drug, human smuggling, and organized crime prosecutions, including the prosecution of a Zeta Cartel leader who was convicted after a jury trial and sentenced to life in prison.

Jay also served in the US House of Representatives as Counsel to the House Intelligence Committee under Chairman Silvestre Reyes (D-TX), leading oversight of covert actions and intelligence gathering operations.  He also served as the Legislative Director (and lead policy advisor) to Congresswoman Jane Harman (D-CA), focusing on homeland security, national security, and energy issues.  

Jay received his law degree from Harvard Law School, where he was a member of the Harvard Law Review.  He also graduated Virginia Tech with a degree in Economics and from Westwood High School in Austin, Texas.  

Jay is married to Elysia Petru Hulings.  Together, they are new parents to their son, John.

Why I'm Running

We all stand on the shoulders of others. My family worked hard to make sure I had access to a good education.  That education enabled me to make my way in America.  Now I want to make sure that others can walk the same path.

My grandfather, Robert Mendoza Garcia, grew up in Tucson, Arizona.  He and his brothers and sisters were the first in their family to grow up speaking English.  He had the opportunity to serve his country as an officer and fighter pilot in World War II.  Thanks to the GI Bill, after the War, he earned an education and enjoyed a career as an accountant with the State of Arizona -- a good middle class job. He raised my mother, Patti Garcia, to go forward and embrace America, which she did when she went to college and then joined the operations division of the CIA. She and my father served their entire careers undercover at the CIA, and raised me to believe in education and public service.

My family gave me the opportunity to graduate from a Texas public school, and then to attend Virginia Tech and Harvard Law.  That education gave me the opportunity to serve as a national security policy advisor on Capitol Hill and then as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in President Obama’s Justice Department in San Antonio and Del Rio, where I put cartel leaders and corrupt politicians from both parties behind bars.

Over the course of three generations, I’ve seen the power of educational opportunity to transform lives.  But I’ve also watched with growing frustration as President Trump and Republicans in Congress have done all they could to dismantle that web of opportunities and make it harder for others to succeed in America.  We owe it to our children to fight back and ensure that the American Dream -- that anybody, from anywhere, can make it in America -- is preserved.  

That is why I’m running for Congress.



Immigration is the American story.  We are all descended from people who came to America in search of a dream.  That immigration experience has made us a more dynamic, ambitious, creative, and successful nation.  We must not turn our backs on those who would dedicate their talents and hard work toward making us stronger.

I also take border security seriously. As a federal prosecutor, I convicted cartel leaders, drug traffickers, human smugglers, and others who moved drugs, guns, and people across the border.  I understand how the border works, what makes border communities thrive, and how important border security is.  I also know that Trump's border wall will be an ineffective waste of taxpayer money -- and I will oppose it at every opportunity.  The only true path to border security lies through comprehensive immigration reform, including a pathway to citizenship, a robust guest worker program, better technology, and more resources for border security professionals.

There are hundreds of thousands of friends, family members, and neighbors who came here as children -- the DREAMers.  The only home they have known is the United States and they are worked hard in school and the military to make their contributions.  President Obama gave these folks legal status, giving them a chance to make their mark openly, as proud members of American society.  President Trump has unfortunately yanked legal status out from under them, putting them all in line for deportation.  Only Congress can protect the DREAMers, and so far Congress has failed to act.  Half-measures aren’t good enough.  Only full support of the DREAM Act will be enough to protect the DREAMers.


Jay enjoys support throughout the community in district 23. This includes hispanic leaders and activists throughout the district.


Julián Castro, Former HUD Secretary, Bexar County

Congressman Joaquín Castro, Bexar County

Erica Castro, Bexar County

Philip Cortez, State Representative, Bexar County

Anna Castro, Bexar County

Manny Pelaez, Councilman, Bexar County

Rey Saldaña, Councilman, Bexar County

Eli Eguia-Garcia, Bexar County

Pablo Escamilla, Bexar County

Tommy Calvert, Bexar County Commissioner for Precinct 4

Sheriff Marion Boyd, Dimmit County

Sylvester Reyes, Former Congressman, El Paso County

Norma Chavez, Former State Representative, El Paso County

Rene Rodriguez, Councilman of Socorro, El Paso County

Carolina Reyes, El Paso County

Jaime Aybetia, El Paso County

Roy Muñoz, Uvalde County

Frank Moreno, Mayor of Crystal City, Zavala County

Joel Barrajas, Mayor Pro-Tem of Crystal City, Zavala County

Juan M. Farias, Hospital District Board Member, Maverick County

Ryan Perales, Brewster County

Francisco Castillo, Maverick County

Crystal Sanchez, Maverick County

Rudy Boles, Former County Judge and Mayor, Maverick County

Fito Barrera, Maverick County

Arnaldo Renteria, Maverick County

James Fernandez, Jr., Val Verde County

Mike Fernandez, Former County Judge, Val Verde County

Kim Canseco, Val Verde County

Heriberto Urby, Jr., Val Verde County

Jorge Urby, Val Verde County

Vicky Contreras, Val Verde County

Gerardo Menchaca, Val Verde County

Susana Canseco, Val Verde County

David Ortiz, Val Verde County

Lupita De La Paz, Former Democratic Chair, Val Verde County  

Raymond Meza, Sr., School Board Member/Past President, Val Verde County

Ramiro Guzman, Former Val Verde County Democrats Secretary, Val Verde County   

Tony Villarreal, Former Mayor of Ft. Stockton, Pecos County

Jay has the support of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, BOLD PAC

Jay has the support of End Citizens United

Jay has the support of the Blue Dog Coalition

Jay has the support of the New Democrat Coalition

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