“You’re part of the Garcia line. That’s a pretty big thing.”

San Antonio, TX – Today, Jay Hulings’ campaign released its first web video in the contest to represent Texas’ 23rd congressional district. The video, titled “On the Shoulders of Others,” features Jay and his mother, who together tell the story of their family roots and Jay’s grandfather’s lifelong determination to share in his piece of the American Dream.

Jay’s grandfather, Robert Mendoza Garcia, was an Army veteran and fighter pilot who was in the first generation of his family to learn English and go to English language schools.

“We’ve all stood on the shoulders of others,” Jay says in the video. “So for those of us who find ourselves here, we have a responsibility to make sure that other people can walk that same path.”

“You’re part of the Garcia line,” Jay’s mother, whose maiden name is Patti Garcia, tells Jay in the video. “That’s a pretty big thing.”

The Jay for Texas campaign is rolling out this first video on digital platforms over the course of the next several days. A link to the video, as well as a full transcription of the text is included below.


Jay Hulings is a Democrat running to represent Texas’ 23rd congressional district. He has spent the greater part of the last decade as a federal prosecutor in San Antonio and on the US-Mexico border in Del Rio, Texas, where he specialized in public corruption, national security and organized crime prosecutions. Jay lives in San Antonio with his wife Elysia and their young son John.