January 23, 2018

Texas AFL-CIO backs Jay Hulings, Candidate for Congress in Texas 23rd

San Antonio, Texas – The Texas AFL-CIO has endorsed Jay Hulings, Democratic Candidate for Congress, District 23. The AFL-CIO is a federation of 57 national and international labor unions, including the American Federation of Teachers, Communications Workers of America, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and many of the country’s largest organizations. “We have selected and are proud to endorse Jay Hulings for Congress (TX23) who we believe is the best candidate to beat Will Hurd,” said Linda Chavez Thompson, Former National Executive Vice President of the AFL-CIO. She continued, “Hurd is not a friend to Labor and we don’t need him back in Washington.”

“I am truly honored to have earned the endorsement of the AFL-CIO,” said Jay Hulings. He continued, “Our campaign is dedicated to providing the opportunity for all people to achieve the American Dream. Organized labor has provided generations of Americans with a path into the middle class. Labor, and the protections and opportunities it provides, will be a critical part of our future.”

“I look forward to standing with the AFL-CIO as we fight to provide all Americans with the opportunities they deserve,” said Hulings.

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