Immigration is the American story. That immigration experience has made us a more dynamic, ambitious, creative, and successful nation. We must not turn our backs on those who would dedicate their talents and hard work toward making us stronger.

I also take border security seriously. As a federal prosecutor, I convicted cartel leaders, drug traffickers, human smugglers, and others who moved drugs, guns, and people across the border. I understand how the border works, what makes border communities thrive, and how important border security is. I also know that Trump’s border wall will be an ineffective waste of taxpayer money — and I will oppose it at every opportunity. The only true path to border security lies through comprehensive immigration reform, including a pathway to citizenship, a robust guest worker program, better technology, and more resources for border security professionals.

There are hundreds of thousands of friends, family members, and neighbors who came here as children — the DREAMers. The only home they have known is the United States and they are worked hard in school and the military to make their contributions. President Obama gave these folks legal status, giving them a chance to make their mark openly, as proud members of American society. President Trump has unfortunately yanked legal status out from under them, putting them all in line for deportation. Only Congress can protect the DREAMers, and so far Congress has failed to act. Half-measures aren’t good enough. Only full support of the DREAM Act will be enough to protect the DREAMers.